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Abuja, Nigeria.

entrepreneurs you should follow
Entrepreneurship Personal Development

5 Entrepreneurs You Should Follow on Social Media

While a physical mentor is really important, there are really amazing entrepreneurs doing awemazing things on the internet that you should follow. Make it a habit to read the thoughts

startup capital
Business Entrepreneurship

4 Ways You Can Get Startup Capital

I will be showing you four simple ways to get startup capital for your business. You don't need to wave that idea goodbye yet

get your employees to work
Business Emotional Intelligence

Get Your Employees to Work Without Coercion

Learn incredible ways to get your employees motivated to work without losing your mind when you really need it to keep things in check.

sell to anyone
Business Entrepreneurship

How to Sell to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

I won’t be sharing sales techniques with you here, a lot of people do that already. I’m am going to show you a different light on how you can effectively

business idea
Business Entrepreneurship

How to Get A Business Idea And Test Its Profitability

Every great business first started as an idea, but what makes up a great business idea? How do you know that you have an idea

how to get out of life's rut
Mindset Personal Development

How to Get Out of Life’s Rut and Start Growing Rapidly

Struggling to make progress after failing over and over? Learn just how to get out of life's rut and start growing rapidly.

Under 20 Entrepreneurs
News Success Stories

7 Under 20 Entrepreneurs Who Built Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

These are amazing people who have affected their world positively and have inspired a lot of young people to believe that it is not too early to make a difference.