About Influentrepreneur

A lot of people struggle with thoughts like, “Would I ever be a phenomenal entrepreneur?” “Would I ever start a business that makes it to the Fortune 500?” “Am I even born for starting and running successful businesses?”

These thoughts plague a whole lot of people that it all starts to tell on their self-confidence and then forces people to give up the thrill and excitement of solving pressing problems with their business ideas.

We believe here at Influentrepreneur that everyone is an entrepreneur! And everyone has exactly what it takes to start and run incredibly successful businesses. But their true entrepreneurs lie covered and suffocated beneath layers of indiscipline, wrong habits, negative mindsets, poor people skills, ignorance and lack of sufficient knowledge about businesses. These layers (and even more unmentioned) dominate an individual and leaves very little opportunity for that hidden entrepreneur to find expression. And therefore, it stays untapped because we would more likely doubt what we cannot see.

It’s our mission here at Influentrepreneur is to help you rid yourself those layers keeping your entrepreneur hidden – to uncover your entrepreneur, and to teach you practical steps to start, run and grow successful businesses.

And it would be an absolute pleasure to be company on your journey.



James Emmanuel

Founder, Influentrepreneur