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Have you ever wondered what sets some incredibly successful salespeople apart from average ones? Well, a lot of confidence, determination, and they know how to sell to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

But there are certain things top salespeople will never do when making a sale, that’s what this article is here to teach you. Discover these sales mistakes, and don’t let them cost you your next sale.

1. Being a ‘Yes’ man

It’s all too common for people to always want to please each and every customer that comes their way. It’s great to show your customer that you care, but when you go outside the purpose binding you and your client (making a sale) just because you want to please your customer, you open doors for you to be walked over, don’t allow that.
If a customer asks a question or request that would be profitable, deliver on it. If it’s unreasonable, politely say ‘no’.

2. Having little knowledge about your product

You have to know your product in and out to do great at selling to people. Questions may come at you, and side discussions may arise during the course of the sale. You do not want to appear unknowledgeable about your product or services.

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3. Giving too much information

This is all too common also. Giving out all of the coolest functionalities of your product and on. But truth is, too much information is revolting because you appear to your customer as someone who cares about the product more than their needs. And people can smell that from miles away and go look somewhere else.

4. Acting too friendly

This is one of the biggest sales mistakes you’ll ever make. Have you ever met anyone who approached you like you have been friends with this person for like a hundred years, only for you to realize he just wanted to sell something? I bet you didn’t feel comfortable with that, right? That should tell you that this method rarely works. Treat your customers with courtesy and respect, know your limit.

5. Arguing with your customer

Never make this mistake! You may experience this once in a while but may just want to give in to the temptation of “setting the record straight”. Don’t do that, it only escalates issues.

6. Talking past your stop

One problem a lot of beginners have is that they don’t know when to stop talking. It’s important to know about your product, but it’s more important that you stop talking when you notice your prospect is ready to buy. Some people keep talking because of a few reasons;

  • “Double-checking” the customer’s readiness to buy,
  • Nervousness
  • Personality

This doesn’t have to be you. An important characteristic of a good salesperson is closing sales as fast as possible, and on to the next client.

7. Being Pushy

Know when your customer is not interested in your product and take the hint. When you keep a sale lingering even when it appears your customer is uninterested, you appear manipulating, and that’s a huge turn off as prospective customers may lose respect for you in the process. Respect yourself, don’t tarnish the reputation of your business, and stop being pushy. You may just repel those customers if they’d want to patronize you in the future.

These sales mistakes are often very common among beginner salespeople. And rationally, it kinda makes sense to act too friendly to a potential customer because it makes them “comfortable”, and give too much information because you appear “transparent”, and all that. But not everything that relates to humans would “make sense”. You’ll do marvellously well if you’d stop for a minute and question some of the things you’ve thought were valid, and test better strategies or alternatives.

Tell us your story, did you see yourself in any of the points in this article? What other mistakes have you made when making a sale? Kindly share that with us in the comment section.

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