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It’s really frustrating for a business to go through the phase of hiring and then finds it difficult in getting its employees motivated to work. One of the difficult aspects so many businesses face is getting their employees more invested in their duties than usual.

This drives a lot of companies to employ various techniques in getting their employees to work. Either threaten them with the sharper stick or offer them rewards for their duties. None of these works as effective, sadly.

I will be showing you five incredible ways to get your employees motivated to work without shouting, threatening, or losing your mind when you really need it to keep things in check.

1. Intrinsic rewards win every time

Let’s take this to the university. It’s very common that a lot of students studying courses like medicine and law are very self-confident people. Why is this so? It is not because those courses are the best, but because of the value placed on them.

They are shown the importance of what they are about to embark upon, and that makes them proud that they are part of something worthwhile and it drives them to study more to earn the rights to be called “Dr.” or “Barr.”

Make your employees realize that they are part of something worthwhile and that sure would get them motivated to work. Let each and everyone working for you understand the importance of their duty and why they are needed.

You do that effectively by communicating your purpose, mission, vision, and core values. You also achieve this by granting your employees autonomy in their work also, and we will be getting into that shortly.

Unlike extrinsic rewards like money, you may just dull creativity among your employees and you definitely do not want that. Extrinsic rewards work best in situations that require simple start-finish steps but may work against you when it comes to jobs that would require your employees to be really creative about their methods and approaches. Choose wisely.

2. Be Yourself

If you are naturally gentle, do not be all over the place around your employees. Don’t be someone else amidst your workers all because you want to “take charge,” and “not look weak.” Because people would be able to smell that from miles away and label you “fake” while losing respect for you gradually. Just be you!

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3. Autonomy Gets Employees Motivated to Work

People hate that feeling where it seems like certain parts of their lives are controlled and they can do nothing about it but obey the “master’s” commands. You also probably feel this way in some areas of your life, too!

People are expected to dress in a certain way, work in a certain way, and behave in a certain way in the workplace; but what it does is kill drive because when humans are treated like machines, disaster brews.

Welcome room for creative ideas, and also discuss goals that your employees have in mind to achieve those ideas. Then, watch your employees more invested in the growth of your business because they would no longer be seeing themselves as employees but partners.

But, still, push them as you do not want your business to run unguided especially if you are still working on your business prototype.

4. Hire Emotionally Intelligent people

Emotional Intelligence is the real deal! It is discovered that people with high levels of emotional intelligence are found to be more successful than other people.

Emotionally intelligent people don’t let their feelings and emotion control their actions or behaviour, that’s why this is a great one to have in your repertoire. Because then, your employees would be able to understand their emotions, manage their emotions, and then understand and manage the emotions in other people too.

Hire emotionally intelligent people, especially now, in a world driven by individual perspectives, emotional intelligence bridges the gap significantly.

Emotional intelligence makes you use your emotions to your advantage, rather than get ruled by them.

Does this mean you should sack every employee and hire fresh ones? I wouldn’t advise that. You could also get in emotional intelligence experts and then train all your workers on emotional intelligence.

5. Appreciate good work

A great lesson on influence by a friend. “The value you place on people would determine how you treat them. And how you treat them would determine your level of influence over them.”

People want to get confirmation that they are doing the right job, and that is a major reason you want to reinforce that good work. A simple “Great work on your last project!” could go a long way in inspiring an employee to do more.

Let your employees know what you really appreciate about each of them and make sure you identify something unique in their work. People want to know that they are genuinely noticed for something.


Whatever ways you want to use to get employees motivated to work, understand that employees are human, too. And just like everyone, they could also lose the drive to work. That’s why it’s really important that you either hire emotionally intelligent people that could handle their emotions well and still get work done, or to train your current employees on emotional intelligence.

Did I miss out on anyone? Let’s discuss in the comments section!

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