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Being a first-time entrepreneur can be confusing because you typically would be lost and in need of direction.

It could also be really scary judging by how far you need to go. However, it doesn’t need to be.

Here are 5 tips for every first-time entrepreneur you should equip yourself with before hitting the road.

1. Only do work you care about

Never go into a business you are not passionate about. It is a big mistake that would come back years later to bite you when you lose spark for your business.

Now, this doesn’t refer to the technical work of the business, but the business as a whole.

It is very possible you hate a few technical tasks that come along with your business. But doing work you care about, and understanding purposefully that your business matters and does something good out there is a great starting point.

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2. It’s always about value over money acquisition

As a first-time entrepreneur, never go into business solely because of how much money you’ll get. Instead, let offering value be your sole focus.

All great businesses out there started the same way – to give out value. And that drove them where money, being one’s focus, would never have.

3. Always learn from mistakes

Failure could be heart-breaking. However, as a first-time entrepreneur, you have to anticipate failure and change how you see it.

Failure is pretty normal for any entrepreneur – you will fail at some point. But understanding that it only takes you closer to success gives you the doggedness to come back faster and stronger anytime you fall.

4. Don’t stop improving on yourself

You are a direct reflection of your business. So, if you want your business to maintain relevance, you have to be.

Don’t let profits or “life-time experiences” take over your mind that you stop reading more, learning more, and attending meetings to improve yourself.

Make it a habit of always learning and never stop. No matter how green the grass gets.

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5. Energy management > Time management

It is very important as an entrepreneur to be able to track your time to cover more stuff.

However, more time on your hands would be useless if you don’t have enough energy to do something worthwhile in that space of time.

With this, begin to avoid anything and everything petty. Don’t engage in unfruitful arguments. Don’t go clubbing or hang out with friends if you know it would affect your work performance or productivity.


To wrap things up, one mistake you should never make as a first-time entrepreneur is to wait till you have all available resources to kick things off.

That never happens – you never have all the resources available. However, know the very basics you’ll need to start and start from there.

This also applies to operations in your business. Starting, you’d typically not be able to provide all products or services you plan for your business.

Start with your minimum viable product. Then build your client base, no matter how little, and scale from there.

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