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A reason why we have more smart than successful people is that people are too concerned with how to do stuff but fail to work on themselves instead. Being able to get it done doesn’t come because of what you know, but what you do – your habits.

Here, I will be showing you three habits you should adopt today if you really want to be successful in business. The list is inexhaustive, there are a lot of habits to adopt if you really want to be successful. But it is very important that you understand the importance of habits, rid yourself bad habits, and then evaluate yourself and be intentional about whatever habits you want to make a part of you.

1. Successful Entrepreneurs Raise People Around Them

Contrary to what a lot of people would think, the really successful entrepreneurs are ones that don’t just want to succeed, but are willing to get others to share part of that success.

On the surface, you would feel like you are wasting valuable time helping others when you should work on yourself, but there are a lot of things you gain in the process.

  • Valuable relationships, people would want to associate more with you.
  • You build very loyal people around you, people are naturally interested in others that are interested in their success.
  • Also, you earn respect, as you need it from your partners and employees.
  • And you learn more, too! You never lose from giving anyone.

Think about it like investing, you want great returns on the value you want to offer. That’s why of course, you need the right people around you. Because there are people who would offer you nothing while taking advantage of your generosity, while others may become entitled to your help. And two things you should look out for before hiring employees or selecting a partner is to work with people who naturally appreciate others, and would go out of their way to help someone else out.

2. They Are More Invested In The Now

Of course, entrepreneurs are visionary people. They look into the future and want to effect a great change, innovate, build a better world, and all of that stuff. But great entrepreneurs are people who are invested in the now. They understand that the future is mainly dependent on what happens today, and then they make it a habit to always do the very best in any activity they find themselves at any moment.

Make sure that at every moment, at any point in time, you are actually working on things that would take you where you want to be. You may be asking, “All the time?!?!” And I say, yes! Even when you’re sleeping because then, you understand the importance of health and how it affects you anyway.

So, have a schedule and stick to it. But, always have it at the back of your mind that you should always do what you have to do, and do it well. If you are making a sale, take every single sale like you was signing multi-billion-dollar deals. If you’re writing a sales pitch, write it like Bill Gates was going to read it. Aim to constantly do the very best you can at ANY moment. That a habit that a lot of successful people have in common.

3. They Listen More

“Seems I’m talking my whole life, it’s time I listen now.” – Passenger, Keep on Walking.

Picture the typical entrepreneur and you think of someone so busy with what they do that they don’t care about people or what they think. But successful entrepreneurs understand the priceless value of honest feedback. If you are truly interested in your growth, you should admit that you are not an island and you may often time do stuff that someone else could be done better. When you understand this, you start to appreciate the input that others have when it comes to what you do and your methods. Listening helps you identify the very things you need to work on, and that is the beauty of it.

Don’t feel bad about criticism. It may come from haters – people who just do not care about you, your business, or your methods. But rather than “ignoring” them like people would preach, use them to improve instead. Because when emotions are attached to something, especially remarks, a great level of truth is revealed. They may not realize it, but they are really giving you important aspects to keep working on. It’s hard to accept that you are faulting in an aspect, but always see it as a lesson to learn; improve and keep on walking.

Make a list of bad habits you should get rid of now, and good ones you want to adopt. The funny thing is that there are so many good habits that were not mentioned here in this article, but deep down, you know that you really need them. Working on yourself is an important aspect you do not want to ever joke with. And adopting the right habits should be the very first step you should take in that regard.

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