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One of the biggest challenges a busy entrepreneur faces is how to boost productivity, and also sustain it.

Being an entrepreneur can be very tasking because there are a lot of things to check off your list.

But the problem starts when gradually, it becomes more of getting those activities done than actually doing them as best as possible.

And as a busy entrepreneur, your creativity is limitless if you know just how to boost productivity.

Business owners, managers and executives understand this – that’s why they prioritize getting the most out of their employees.

And here are 7 essential tips on how you can boost productivity as a busy entrepreneur.

1. Do Not Multitask

A lot of busy entrepreneurs make this mistake. Multitasking not only spreads you thin but also could take time off your hands switching in-between tasks.

Yes, it’s quite easy to go from task to task, however, it’s not advisable because you risk having incomplete jobs and a lot of mistakes you could have avoided by simply focusing on one task at a time.

This method is really important because it guarantees you are as efficient as possible.

2. Learn How To Say ‘No’ as a Busy Entrepreneur

Only commit yourself to tasks that are worthwhile and helps you reach your goals.

That means turning down a lot of offers from people that won’t steer you towards the direction you want for your growth.

3. Minimize Distractions

Except you’re living in Mars, you’re going to experience your fair share of distractions – they simply are inevitable.

However, you could limit the extent to which you become distracted throughout your day.

Shut the door of your office, turn off notifications on your mobile phone, tell people around politely that you want to engage in a few activities or finish a project.

Well, most times, it’s impossible to have them respect your wishes. That’s fine – go work somewhere else.

You must not engage in all conversations with anyone – tell them you’d be happy to chat later.

In short, avoid anything that takes time off pursuing something worthwhile you should be working on.

4. Avoid Heavy Food That Leaves You Tired

Busy entrepreneurs have the tendency to be tempted to eat heavy. Well, aren’t they tired? Because they have been working, yeah?

Well, the easiest way to ruin your drive to work is to eat very heavy food – avoid them.

After eating heavy, it may actually boost productivity, however, after a while, they make you tired and sleepy, and you don’t want that.

Instead, take sugary foods and energy drinks. Eat snack high in protein.

Eat light, don’t switch your body to “digestion mode”. It could affect your work.

5. Make Lists

Lists are very important because they help you stay on track. You have a higher chance of doing something when they are written and right in front of you than when they aren’t.

Don’t just jump into any activity that comes to mind, be intentional about everything you do.

And why they are great is that it is really fun crossing things off that list.

6. Keep Your Workspace Organized

This one is usually difficult for busy entrepreneurs having a lot on their list that they don’t have time to organize their workspace.

Your workspace could be online or offline. Irrespective, you want your workspace more organized.

Nothing reduces productivity more than having to look for a file, a folder, or something you really need in a cluttered workspace. Be more organized.

7. Plan Your Day The Night Before

The beauty of planning your day a night before for busy entrepreneurs is that it helps you boost productivity in your waking hours.

You have an idea of how you want the next day to be, and when you sleep with that thought, you wake up with it.


As a busy entrepreneur, learn to focus on one thing at a time, learn how to say ‘no’ more to other things and ‘yes’ to things that would push you forward.

Also learn to avoid distractions of any kind and also importantly, keep your workspace organized to help you boost productivity.

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