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Business Entrepreneurship

How to Start A Business in 6 Simple Steps

At the start of your business, it’s very normal to feel overwhelmed by all the things to check off the list to start up that you give up too soon. But learning simple and relevant steps you’ll need to startup can help minimize that complexity.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to start a business in 6 simple steps

business books
Business Personal Development

5 Business Books That Will Change Your Life Forever

Books are one of the most valuable resources you’ll ever equip yourself with, and in this article, I will be showing you six business books you must read.

start a business with little or no capital
Business Entrepreneurship

How to Start A Business with Little or No Capital

If you ever only thought that you need tons of money to start a business, I will be showing you incredible tips and suggestions on how to start a business with very little, or even no capital at all.

business plan
Business Entrepreneurship

How to Write A Great Business Plan

A business plan contains concrete plans on how you want to go from a “normal” startup to the point where you envision to be. It outlines your short-term immediate goals and what you want to do about it, and your long-term ambitions which are flexible and subject to change.

sales mistakes

Sales Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Discover some common mistakes people make when making a sale. These mistakes are often very common among beginner salespeople. Be aware of these sales mistakes, and don’t let them cost you your next sale.

business idea
Business Entrepreneurship

How to Get A Business Idea And Test Its Profitability

Every great business first started as an idea, but what makes up a great business idea? How do you know that you have an idea

sell to anyone
Business Entrepreneurship

How to Sell to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

I won’t be sharing sales techniques with you here, a lot of people do that already. I’m am going to show you a different light on how you can effectively sell to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

get your employees to work
Business Emotional Intelligence

Get Your Employees to Work Without Coercion

Learn incredible ways to get your employees motivated to work without losing your mind when you really need it to keep things in check.

startup capital
Business Entrepreneurship

4 Ways You Can Get Startup Capital

I will be showing you four simple ways to get startup capital for your business. You don’t need to wave that idea goodbye yet