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Under 20 Entrepreneurs
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7 Under 20 Entrepreneurs Who Built Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

These are amazing people who have affected their world positively and have inspired a lot of young people to believe that it is not too early to make a difference. Here are 7 under 20 entrepreneurs who built multi-million dollar businesses before age 20.

Netflix could lose 10m subscribers
Tech News

Netflix Could Lose 10m Subscribers Next Year

Netflix could lose 10m subscribers next year except they adopt a cheaper option to survive the raging streaming war currently going on.

Google to acquire Fitbit
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Google to acquire Fitbit, valuing them at about $2.1 billion

Google is set to acquire Fitbit. This move puts Google way ahead of Apple in the fitness tracking space. This deal values Fitbit around $2.1 billion.

Boeing Jets
Tech News

Dozens of Boeing Jets Grounded for Pickle Fork Cracks

Worldwide, after cracks were found in a part that joins wings to fuselages, dozens of older Boeing jets have been grounded, according to the manufacturer.

Trump impeachment Stock Market
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Wall Street: Trump’s Impeachment isn’t Impacting the Stock Market

Trump claimed that the Democrats’ impeachment efforts on him are hurting the stock market, however, strategists have refuted that claim.

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