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Abuja, Nigeria.

Hello there!

For everyone who has followed Influentrepreneur since 7th January 2019 when we launched, you would have noticed that we have changed our name to Kudicity. And Influentrepreneur is already redirected to Kudicity with all its sub domains and slugs respectively.

Here are a few reasons why we made the transition;

  1. The length of the old name.
  2. The difficulty to pronounce and spell for a lot of people.
  3. The new name helps us maintain a simple and unique username across our social media platforms.
  4. The idea behind the new name.

That being said, the purpose of Influentrepreneur remains unchanged even as we currently bear a new name. We are still in the business of helping individuals rid themselves of all things keeping their entrepreneurs from finding true expression.

And we appreciate you for coming this far with us. We love you, and cannot wait to hear and share into your success story.

With Best Regards,
James Ma
Founder, CEO

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    Temidayo O. Victor, September 11, 2019 @ 12:21 AM Reply

    I must say that this is a remarkable platform! This website has been of great help to my business, and my mental development as a business owner! I’ve learnt so much practical business tips, and still hope to learn much more.

    Keep it up ‘Kudicity’!

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