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Abuja, Nigeria.

Trump claimed that the Democrats’ impeachment efforts on him are hurting the stock market, however, strategists have refuted that claim.

A trade deal, according to Strategists is more vital to the market, and a market sell-off on Thursday was triggered by worries that a deal with China may be difficult to achieve.

On the Democratic side, if Elizabeth Warren or Sen. Bernie Sanders were to become the leading candidate and Trump’s reelection chase were hurt, then and only then would the impeachment hurt stocks.

Strategists also say that the stock market would only be impacted if Trump’s impeachment was successful, however, a Congressional Democrats’ effort to impeach the United States President, Donald Trump is not impacting the Stock Market in any way.

Stocks could also experience a harder hit if Sen, Elizabeth Warren or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders were to take the lead against Trump because both are viewed as having less market-friendly policies than Joe Biden – the former Vice President who is now currently leading polls.

Even Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is currently fourth behind Sanders and Warren could cause stocks to experience major negative impacts.

News Source: CNBC

Photo Credit: USA Today

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