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Before the 21st century, it was typical for people to become millionaires starting from their 20s and nothing younger, there weren’t just a lot of under 20 entrepreneurs. However, the story has changed as we currently have kids who haven’t lived up to one decade and are already building million dollar businesses. Now, that makes me jealous!

But these are amazing people who have affected their worlds positively and have inspired a lot of young people to believe that it is not too early to make a difference. Here are 7 under 20 entrepreneurs who built multi-million dollar businesses before age 20.

1. Alina Morse

At the age of 13, this wonder kid, Alina Morse founded a candy company currently based in Detroit called Zollipops. And she runs the company when she is not busy in school. Zollipops is currently worth over $5 million and has their products in over 7,500 stores in the United States.

2. Ashley Qualls

Ashley started her website, Whateverlife with a grand total of $8 that she borrowed from her mom when she was just 14 years old. The website offered free Myspace layouts, and free HTML lessons to kids her age. The website grew to the point that she got an anonymous offer of $1.5 million and any car of her choice for the website. She made her first million by 17, and Ashley currently has a net worth of over $8 million.

3. Cameron Johnson

In 1994, when Cameron was 9, he started his first greeting card company. When he got into high school, he went into software development and Online advertising which he earned a cool $400,000 every month. Cameron is currently worth $3.2 million.

4. Tyler Dikman

Tyler started his first business at age 5. And when he was 15, he founded a company that fixed computers for fun called Cooltronics. Their main purpose was to provide lessons on how to get rid of computer viruses and upgrade personal computers. And by 17, Cooltronics was worth over a million dollars.

5. Adam Horwitz

At 15, Adam had a goal of making his first million by 21. This drove him to start a couple of things and then got his big break founding Mobile Monopoly, and also a text advertising service for YepText.

6. Robert Nay

This incredible genius is the brain behind Nay Games. At 14, he created the app, ‘Bubble ball’, and raked in a whopping $2 million in 2 weeks.

7. Gabrielle Jordan

I first got to know her in her TED talk, and she simply blew me away. She is the founder of Jewelz of Jordan, and she is also an author, public speaker, and aims to mentor kids her age on how to start and grow their businesses.

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These amazing under 20 entrepreneurs should definitely teach is a big lesson, that age is really just a number. And if perhaps, you’re above 20 already or even younger, and nothing seems to be working out for you, just understand that we all have different lanes in life. Stick to yours, dig your heels in the ground, and stand strong, irrespective. It’s never too late to start; all that matters is your will to defile the status quo, and do something differently.

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