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Abuja, Nigeria.

Worldwide, after cracks were found in a part that joins wings to fuselages, dozens of older Boeing jets have been grounded, according to the manufacturer.

It said in a statement on Friday, “These aircraft have been removed from service for repair, Australian carrier Qantas has grounded three of its Boeing jets, or next-generation, aircraft.”

However, the problem does not apply to the 737 Max, which since mid-March has long been grounded as a result of the second crash of the new jets.

After Boeing warned about the problem, inspections were at once carried out and the Federal Aviation Administration who ordered that inspections are carried out on aircraft that have flown more than 30,000 times and for aircraft between 26,000 and 29,999 cycles within 1,000 flights.

According to Boeing, more than 1,000 planes met the conditions for the conducted inspections and only less than 5% of all planes inspected qualified for repairs.

33 of its 737 NG planes were inspected, performing checks way ahead of schedule for safety reasons, according to Qantas.

News Source: CNBC

Photo Credit: DW

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